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Step 1- Request a time/date 

Step 2 - Wait for your time/date approval or request for an alternate time/date and invoice via email. 


Step 3 - Pay invoice. Kim will call you at your schedule time. 

All coaching sessions are done via phone call. Kim will try to make herself available at your requested time. If she cannot she will reply with an alternate time/date. All invoices must be paid before the coaching call begins. 

Coaching With Kim

What Can We Talk About?

  • How to get started with your small business.

  • How to let go of the 9-5 and if you are ready.

  • Laser upkeep, troubleshooting, and hacks to keeping your laser running at its highest capacity.

  • Guidance, motivation, and support through any obstacle you are facing with your small business.

  • Order processing

  • Creative roadblocks

  • Shipping processes, packing, and supplies

  • Hiring the right employees.

  • Letting go of the wrong employees.

  • Workplace culture

  • Planning and hosting your first paint party.

  • Planning and prepping for a vendor event.

  • How to choose the right vendor event for your business.

  • How to stock a flea market or vendor event booth.

  • Marketing your small business in your communities and online.

  • Overcoming fear of failure when it comes to your business.

  • Ideas and brainstorming when you feel like you may be stuck in your business.

Why Book A Call With Me?

  • I have built a million-dollar company from a shed in my back yard to two facilities with around 7,000 square feet combined of production area, lasers, shipping, and store front with over a dozen lasers, 16+ employees and two shifts running daily.

  • I manage employees, production, store front, business coaching, and keep multiple booths throughout my area stocked with goodies year round.

  • I have provided jobs to the local community for the past six years.

  • I have taught multiple small business owners across the United States how to rock their creative business and overcome all kinds of obstacles.

  • Hosted and provided signs and sign kits for hundreds of paint parties and fundraisers.

  • Mastered running lasers and continuing to learn more about them daily. I currently run Boss lasers and a Mira 9.

  • My team and I provide quality wholesale blank designs, home décor, tier trays, and much much more to my team of over 700+ wholesale vendors across the United States.

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