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Hello everyone,

Today we are coming to you with a list.

The updated “It List” for the Whippoorwill Charm Shop!

* The most prized tool in the shop is our Ryobi P320 Airstrike 18 Volt One+ Lithium Ion Cordless Pin Nailer!! This thing is AMAZING! You can find it Here on Amazon.

This tool was a GAME Changer for us!

Just think, no more hauling air compressors around the shop or to parties!! YAY!

️FYI We use ¼ birch for all of our designs️

*We use GREX P6/10L 23 Gauge 3/8-Inch Length Headless Pins. You can find them here on Amazon as well.

When using this pin nailer and the pins listed above you want to put your pins in at an angle to avoid them going through the board any. Just a small angle works perfect for us!

*Another option we have had luck with is this Stick Fast Instant Adhesive - It is FAST Y'all. Don't stick your fingers together. For real. You can find it on.. you guessed it.. Amazon as well right here.

When adding interchangeable pieces to signs.

* We use Velcro Dots. These are perfect for adding removable shapes to our interchangeable designs. You can purchase them on Amazon here.

-We do have a few customers who use magnets and say they love them!

Bows - Ribbon - Rope - Paint Brushes -

* We order the bulk of our crafting ribbon, rope, and supplies for finished signs and parties from Craft Outlet online and we recently ordered some from 5th Street Studio and we LOVED them also!

* If you’ve ever joined us for one of our live video tutorials you’ve probably noticed that we paint with cosmetic wedges A lot! These little sponges are gems for painting words, interchangeable pieces, and dimensional add-ons. You can purchase them here on Amazon or at any local dollar store!

Just remember a little goes a long way!

Paint - Stain

Just remember a little goes a long way!

My team and I use a variety of paints, stains, and finishes. I love to try new brands and varieties to create different looks!

We use Apple Barrel, DecorArt, FolkArt and a lot of other similar brands of paint on our signs. Pro TIP you can have Walmart or Home Depot color match any of their colors and get it by the gallon!

My All Time Favorite glaze is General Finishes Gel Stain in Java Brown ️ Both of these can purchased at your local Walmart or similar store or here.

That's all for now. Until next time friends!

Stay Charming - Kim

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