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5 Tips to Reach Customers in Trying Times

Dear Whippoorwill Charm Wholesalers,


Times are tough. We’re feeling it. You’re feeling it. Our customers are feeling it. We are in the days where people are forced to put most of their money toward things they need, with little leftover for things they want. Budgets are tight.

During these tough times, meeting people where they are is essential. Here are 5 tips to reach customers. Tips we’ve gathered to help you build your business in these tough times, and help your customers, too!

Tip 1 – Offer Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)

Breaking payments up into more easily digestible portions is pretty much a standard these days. Did you know that some BNPL companies offer in-store options in addition to online? Here is an article that explains the different platforms, as well as pros and cons. Many of them have a minimum that must be spent. Do your research and consider offering this option to your customers to help them stretch out their hard-earned dollars.

Tip 2 – Offer more Interchangeable options

Consider offering more signs with interchangeable options that can easily be updated with the occasion. Customers might be more interested in a base sign where attachments can be added rather than purchasing one large sign for each season/occasion. One option might be our multi-viral Interchangeable Truck sign. Customers may still spend the same amount of money, but they will get more out of their sign. Search Interchangeable on our Wholesale Site for more options.

Tip 3 - Be CAUSE worthy

Consumers are increasingly drawn to products tied to social causes. What better way to sell products than through helping others? If your customer can get a product they want and help a cause at the same time, it helps justify their decision to buy. When it comes to the cause you should support, if you’re a local business, think local. If your customer reach is wider, think bigger. For example, donating a portion of every patriotic sign purchased to the Veteran assistance organization. Another option might be to work with your local hospitals to do a fundraiser for their Auxiliary. Many vendors who do this give 15% - 20% of sales to the Auxiliary, and the rest is profit and tax. A big perk of this is that the payroll deduct option is a draw for employees. The downside is that you must have a lot of inventory on hand. If this is something you decide to do, be sure and research how this will impact your tax write-offs.

Tip 4 - Bundle

Offer your customers a chance to bundle and save! Occasionally offer a special, such as throwing in a free attachment if they buy an interchangeable sign with two attachments. You choose the freebie - order the same item in bulk and ensure it is not one that will take up a lot of time to create.


Tip 5 – Target!

Find your target market and put your merchandise in front of them. Talk to Realtors about offering door hangers to their clients who close on a home. Talk to wedding planners about incorporating your signs into the big day décor. If you have a local store that sells baby merchandise, talk to them about putting a card coupon in their customer’s bags with your information.

These tips may not apply to everyone, but it's all about getting creative and working with the customers. Regardless of what your next step is to build your business, remember to take into account the type of region you live in (urban/rural), the socioeconomic factors, the types of products you want to focus on selling (don’t try to do everything!), and the way you want to sell it (online, in-store, at vendor sales).

My mantra in my business has always been PIVOT. If something’s not working, try something else. Our society is always changing, and keeping up with the times can be difficult; however, if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that there’s always a way. Adaptability is key.

The best piece of advice I can give comes from our favorite forgetful little Disney fish – Just Keep Swimming!

And Stay Charming,


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