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Crafting Your Dreams - A message for wood sign wholesalers

Updated: May 3

Supporting the Makers
Whippoorwill Charm Wood Signs

To my Wholesale Customers (read until the end!)-

There are two ways I typically do things:

All in

Not at all

There is no in-between.

Years ago, I faced a pivotal moment in my life. Balancing a full-time office job with my door hanger "side business" was proving to be too much. With a husband working out of state and little ones demanding attention at home, something had to give. And so, I stood at a crossroads: go all in or shut it all down.

My passion for my side business burned bright, so I took the leap. I left the 9-to-5 grind and poured every ounce of myself into what is now Whippoorwill Charm.

This business wasn’t an overnight success.

My husband Shawn and I have weathered our fair share of storms in the world of full-time entrepreneurship. From learning curves to equipment maintenance, from supply management to the delicate balance of work and family life – we've felt the weight of it all.

To my fellow wood sign wholesalers facing their own trials and tribulations, I say this: don't lose heart. There were countless moments when I contemplated throwing in the towel, longing for the security of a career that gave me routine; however, each time, I pushed through, driven by the fear of regret. Looking back now, I'm grateful I did.

I understand the struggles you're facing. That's why we've launched a new campaign focused on Supporting the Makers.

You, our steadfast wholesalers who pour your heart and soul into your craft, are our Makers. And we want to be your steadfast support. Having navigated the peaks and valleys of this business ourselves, we're eager to share the lessons we've learned and empower you to succeed in your wood sign endeavors.

If you find yourself in need of guidance, encouragement, or simply a listening ear, we invite you to join our community. Here are a couple of ways you can tap into our resources:

Whippoorwill Charm Wholesale FB Page: A vibrant community of makers like you! Here, you'll find answers to your burning questions about merchandise, insider tips on things like hosting paint parties, and regular updates from me on shipping and more.

This WC Blog: Here, you can gain access to premium resources to help you elevate your business.

Together, let's turn your dreams into reality.

If you were brought to this blog by a search, but are interested in learning more about who we are or how to become a wholesaler, please visit our main Whippoorwill Charm FB Page and send us a message!

OH! I almost forgot. As a thank you for being awesome Wholesale Customers, use code NEWBLOG for 10% off your next order on! One use per customer. Valid until May 31!


Stay Charming,


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