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- Going Live On Facebook Part One -

Blog Post # 1 of our Facebook Live Series.

Let’s start with motivation. You may be thinking what does motivation have to do with going live on my business page?

Honestly, A lot because we know firsthand that difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations and sometimes you just need a little nudge (aka Motivation), a lot of prayer, and some grit.

- Facebook alone reaches 60.6% of all the entire worlds internet users and averages 2.7 billion monthly users. WOW.

- Nearly 75% of high-income earners use Facebook. – Why not market where the money is!?

- 300 million users use Facebook Stories Daily. Say What? Yes, read that again. Your story is a great way to announce you are going to go live.

- On average live videos lasting 30-45 minutes will receive 3-5X the reach, engagement, and sales that a regular text/picture post will. ( I just pulled this stat from pages I assist with managing. All 10 are small business pages. I went back over the past 6 months to get these numbers. )

To give you an example: Let’s say you receive on average a reach of 3,000 per post and usually get around 3 sales per post. One live could earn you at the least a reach of 9,000 and 9 sales.

I hope these statistics leave you motivated and wanting to learn more about going Live! Drop a hand if they do!

We will be covering content, the fear of judgement, and background/setup/connection in our posts to come. We hope to end this series with a live from Kim and I to answer questions!

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