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Going Live on Facebook - Part Two -

Post #2 of our Facebook Live Series. – CONTENT - When we asked last month in the group what keeps you from going live on your page, a lot of comments simply said, “I just don’t know what to do/say”. If you read our first post in this series, you should know why it is so important to go live on your page. (check the group announcements for the first post if you missed it.) So let’s talk content. I have created a list of 10 topic ideas for a live video. (Marketing Tip: Live videos perform best when they last 30-45 minutes per video) - Painting Tutorial – Show your customers how their sign is created from start to finish. (This is a great one for those who do not want to be on camera. Simply set up the camera to record only your workspace so all the viewers see is your hands.) - Shop/Workspace Tour – share your organization tips or ask for them if your space is a mess lol! - Live Product Sale – Do not forget to announce live videos before you go live. - What are some of your business mistakes and gains as a small business owner? The good the bad and the ugly. - What makes your products different from your competitors? Is there a certain technique, tool, or design you are known for? - How your business got started. Tell your story. - Your favorite craft brands, supply stores, and tools. Ribbons, brushes, tools etc. – We talk about our Ryobi pin nailer, Rustoleum stain in java, and cosmetic wedges in like every single live we do lol. For real. - Favorite painting techniques. Shading, paint mixing, staining etc. - Bow tutorial. Bows are intimidating to a lot of people. Show your skills and knock their socks off. If you are not good at bows get on and ask for tips! - Share what inspires you. Ask others to share what inspires them. This does not have to be small business focused. Simply what inspires you and your followers in everyday life.

We will go into detail on each of these topics individually during our last Live Series post where Kim and I will be going live in the group. I hope they have your creative brains churning though! Our next post topic will be Technical tips! Please feel free to drop any questions, share any live experiences, or more below!

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